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Oh Darling!


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Oh Darling!”

  • By now I know you have fooled me Do you know I feel fooled? How could I let you rule me and why did I trust in beady eyes I held you close breakin' loose is not a problem for you I was the fly in your fist But you would set free in daylight And I take off with small thin broke legs I held you close [Chorus:] Oh sweet darling You can buy my kisses and sell them again Oh my darling Oh, you can steal feelings and then throw them away And you should quit playing dirty games it's not fair, you win 'cause you cheat and you know it I had thought I had control I seem to misjudge maybe every situation I held you close [Chorus] And who are you to decide When I am supposed to smile And you try, you try so hard you try so hard, you try a lot but you're a boy in a man you're such an act, hard to get when you're not, when you don't wanne be it and I wish my wish was your command I wish my wish was your command [Chorus]

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