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Big Balls (tab)

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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Big Balls (tab)”

  • Big Balls - AC/DC Intro: (Softly) E E D# D C C D D# E E D# D C C D D# E E D# D C ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- --9------9-8-7-5----5-7-8-9---------------------------------------- --7------7-6-5-3----3-5-6-7------Similarly------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Hard) C D D B B B B B ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------4-4-4-4-4.------------------------------------------ --5-/-7---7---4-4-4-4-4.------------------------------------------ --3-/-5---5---2-2-2-2-2.------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st Verse (all verses SPOKEN - as in all great poetry) E (let ring) C (let ring) Well I`m upper-upper class high society, E (let ring) C (let ring) Gods` gift to ballroom noteriety, E (let ring) C (let ring) And my ballrooms always filled - the event is never small, D (let ring) B B B B B The social pages say I`ve got the biggest balls of all. Chorus All chords stoccato (i.e jab then rest) until last line. (Refer below for chord riff details) E (chord riff) C#m (chord riff) I`ve GOT big balls, I`ve GOT big balls, They`re SUCH big balls, they`re DIRTY big balls, And HE`s got big balls, and SHE`s got big balls, C C C D D A A A B BUT WE`VE GOT THE BIGGEST - BALLS OF THEM ALL. 2nd Verse E C And my ballrooms always bouncing, and my ballrooms always full, E C And everybody comes and comes again. E C If your name is one the guest list - no one can take you higher, D B B B B B Everybody says I`ve got great balls of fire. Chorus 3rd Verse E C/E Some balls are held for charity, and some for fancy dress, E C/E But when they`re held for pleasure - they`re the balls that I like best. E C/E My balls are always bouncing - from the left and to the right, D/F# B B B B B It`s my belief that my big balls should be held every night. Chorus Fade out to chants of "Ball-sucker,Ball-sucker" (at least that`s what the kids said when I was at school) FINE DETAILS ------------ Basically you can use whatever chord positions you like. For the unadventurous all barre chords or all open chords will suffice. Hovever the following are my preferances for recreating the sound of this subtle and beautiful piece. In general a biting, trebly sound is desired - so pick viciously and emhasize the treble strings. The intro should sound more mellow. The chorus has a chord riff like this (stoccato) The (D) is an optional passing note. E E E E (D) C#m C#m C#m C#m (D) (repeat) Played ala: E E E E (D) C#m ------------------------4-------------------------------------- --5----5----5---5-------5-------------------------------------- --4----4----4---4-------6-------------------------------------- --2----2----2---2---0---6-------------------------------------- ------------------------4-------------------------------------- ------------------------------Similarily----------------------- Verse E XX245X C X3555X D XX0232 B X2444X D/F# 2X0232 (optional bass note) C/E 03555X (optional bass note) Chorus E XX245X C#m X46654 C X3555X D X5777X A X0222X B X2444X

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